Influencer Law Clinic

The Clinic is a project started at Maastricht University as an honors programme for the bachelor European Law School back in 2019, where it ran for 3 academic years. During that time, a total of 20 law students did research on various aspects of influencer marketing. Their research is available in two formats: bachelor theses published as working papers, and blog posts which can still be found in the Blog section. Currently, the Influencer Law Clinic is embedded in the Masters programme Law & Technology in Europe, developed at Utrecht Law School. The Clinic is part of the elective courses (capita selecta) available to enrolled students.

Influencer Law Clinic 2022-2023

Our 18 students worked on a task for the Dutch Food Safety Authority in groups of 5. They looked at the OECD and the Safety Gate product safety databases, and did qualitative empirical investigations on TikTok and Instagram to see if they could find recalled products advertised on the platform. The 5 reports and the database (±700 product observations) are available upon request.