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Collection of all the recorded presentations given at events related to HUMANads


Presentation (with Laura Aade) on 'Defining Social Media Platforms under European Consumer Protection Law: A TikTok Case Study' at the 18th IACL Conference, Hamburg, Germany (Catalina Goanta, selected speaker):

Organization of roundtable on 'Memory studies and the more-than-human' at Memory Studies Association 7th Annual Conference, Newcastle University UK, and presentation on “United under the same sky”: How Jacinda Ardern constructs narratives of the past on New Zealand public holidays'' at Memory Studies Association 7th Annual Conference, Newcastle University UK (Taylor Annabell, selected speaker):

Lecture on content monetization, influencer marketing and European consumer law at the IVIR Digital Services Act summer school (Catalina Goanta, invited lecturer):

Presentation on 'How European consumer regulation changed social media platform geographies' at the Lab Platform Governance, Media and Technology (Catalina Goanta, invited speaker):

Presentation on 'The Complicated World of Social Media Influencers' at the European Regulators Group for Audiovisual Media Services ERGA Academy 2023, 'Effective regulation of vloggers and age verification tools' Naples (Catalina Goanta, invited speaker).

Panelist in the 'DSA Enforcement and Data Science' panel at the 'Digital Services Act Stakeholder Event: Shaping the Future of Digital Services', Brussels (Catalina Goanta, invited panelist):

Co-organization of panel on 'The Cultural Geographies of Creator Cultures' at the Locating Media Industries conference, London (Catalina Goanta, panel member):

Presentation on consumer vulnerability and recommender systems on social media (with Jerry Spanakis) at the conference 'Digital Vulnerability in European Private Law' (Catalina Goanta, invited speaker). Consumer vulnerability, University of Ferrara, 15-16 June 2023.

Presentation on 'The Complicated World of Influencers' at the Annual conference of the European Consumers Center Luxembourg (Catalina Goanta, invited speaker):

Keynote on 'The Complicated World of Influencers' at a working group of the European Economic and Social Committee, Brussels (Catalina Goanta, invited speaker):

Presentation on the regulation of content monetization on social media at the workshop 'Regulering, Innovatie en Regulatoire Innovatie in Snel Veranderende Markten', Utrecht University IOS Platforms, Markets and Corporations, Utrecht (Catalina Goanta, invited speaker):

Presentation on consumer vulnerability and recommender systems at the webinar 'Tailored To You: Personalization and European Private Law', online (Catalina Goanta, invited speaker).

Presentation on 'Sharing “Memories in Real Life” on Social Media Platforms: How Constructs of Authenticity are Implicated Within Digital Memory Work' at 73rd Annual International Communications Association Conference, Toronto (Taylor Annabell, selected speaker):

Presentation on '' at the online symposium 'TikTok and children' (with Tom Divon), hosted by the TikTok Cultures Research Network and the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child, online (Catalina Goanta, selected speaker):

Presentation on ''This Man is Not a Business': Information Duties and Privacy in Identity Commodification on Social Media' at the conference 'Confidentiality in a Digital World – A Contradiction in Terms?, Trier (Catalina Goanta, invited speaker).

Participation in panel on the future of antitrust and digital services in the European Union and the United States, Brussels (Catalina Goanta, invited panelist):

Presentation on 'Undisclosed social media advertising as a systemic risk under the Digital Services Act', at the conference 'Private law and new technologies', London (Catalina Goanta, invited speaker).

Presentation on 'One Law to Rule Them All: Comparing Platform Terms of Service Across Regulatory Spaces' (with Giovanni de Gregorio), at PlatGov 2023, online (Catalina Goanta, selected speaker):

International Consumer Law Association, 19-21 July 2024

Memory Studies Association

3-7 July 2024

University of Amsterdam 6 July 2023

Bremen University 4 July 2023

European Regulators Group for Audiovisual Media Services, 28 June 2023

European Commission 27 June 2023

King's College London 19-21 June 2023

University of Ferrara 15-16 June 2023

European Consumers Center Luxembourg 14 June 2023

European Economic and Social Committee 9 June 2023

Utrecht University 8 June 2023

Maastricht University 6 June 2023

International Communications Association

25-29 May 2023

TikTok Cultures Research Network 8 May 2023

University of Trier 5-6 May 2023

Brigham Young University 28 April 2023

King's College London 19-21 April 2023

PlatGov 3-4 April 2023


Presentation on Consumer Protection and Automation, at the conference 'Governance of Artificial Intelligence in the European Union: Which Place for Consumer Protection?', Douai (Catalina Goanta, invited speaker).

Presentation on 'Fragmentation of Rule of Law in the Platform Economy' (with Mateusz Grochowski), at the Conference 'The Law and Political Economy of Business and Human Rights' (Catalina Goanta, selected speaker):

Presentation on 'The pointlessnes of AI fairness' at the workshop '(Un)fairness of Artificial Intelligence', hosted by HumaneAI at the University of Amsterdam (Catalina Goanta, selected speaker):

Presentation on 'One rule of law to rule them all: Tensions between Terms of Service and rule of law after the DSA' at the Conference 'What is “the Global”? 'Reassembling Legal Authority across Space and Time', Florence (presentation given by Giovanni de Gregorio):

'The influencer economy: is the social media salesforce taking over?', Start Talking! - Euroconsumers webinar, online (Catalina Goanta, invited speaker):

Presentation given with Mihai Sandru on 'Influencer marketing: tensions between consumer and data protection for content creators' (Romanian) at the online conference 'Protectia Datelor in Romania' (Catalina Goanta, invited speaker):

Presentation on 'Content monetization op sociale media' (Dutch), at the national conference of the Dutch Copyright Law Association 2022, 'Content moderation, auteursrecht en uitingsvrijheid', Amsterdam (Catalina Goanta, invited speaker):

'Content monetization on social media', 5 October 2022, The Hmm on the Creator Economy, Youseum Amsterdam (Catalina Goanta, invited speaker):

Presentation on 'The Ancient Alien: Good Faith & Personalized Law in Social Media Contracts', at the International Conference 'Regulating Personalization in the European Union', Amsterdam (Catalina Goanta, invited speaker):

Platform Governance and Digital Markets panel participation at the conference “The Public-Private Challenge: Innovating Legal and Regulatory Paradigms”, Rotterdam (Catalina Goanta, invited discussant).

Presentation on 'The Case for a Legal Compliance API for the Enforcement of the EU’s Digital Services Act on Social Media Platforms', at the International Conference "Technology and Politics" at KU Leuven, online participation (Catalina Goanta, accepted speaker and panel organizer).

'Reconstituting the Consumer in EU Law and Policy: Towards a More Multi-dimensional Approach', conference organized at the , Amsterdam (Catalina Goanta, invited speaker).

Empirical Legal Research and consumer protection conference organized at Leiden University (NL), 1-2 September 2022, Leiden (Catalina Goanta, invited moderator).

University of Artois 15-16 December 2022

Erasmus University 10-11 November 2022

University of Amsterdam 27-28 October 2022

European University Institute 21 October 2022

Euroconsumers 12 October 2022

Romanian Academy 12 October 2022

Vereniging voor Auteursrecht 7 October 2022

The Hmm 5 October 2022

University of Amsterdam 23 September 2022

University of Groningen & Erasmus University 22 September 2022

KU Leuven 19 September 2022

University of Amsterdam 30-31 August 2022

Leiden University 30-31 August 2022