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Our research is sometimes picked up by content creators, in particular commentary channels on YouTube. This shows a novel way for academic research to engage with a broader audience. Here we log all the videos we're aware of where our researchers are mentioned.


RAI Italia, RAI Parlamento Punto Europa, 23-12-2023,

BBC Sounds, discussion relating to YouTuber Kai Cenat's riot in NYC (5-08-2023),

'Europe enters patchy road to audit online platforms’ algorithms', EURACTIV (24-07-2023),

Al Jazeera Newshour, discussion on the AI safety watermark planned by seven US tech companies together with the US government,

A viral TikTok jewelry scam is sucking in customers with 'revenge' videos by creators who say they too were tricked - BusinessInsider (04-07-2023),

How the Shein Brand Trip Became a Disaster for a Group of Influencers - TIME (29-06-2023),

TikTokers on Tarte Cosmetics' Latest Excursion Pulled Back the Curtain on Influencer Brand Trips - TIME (16-05-2023),

France Is Cracking Down on the Influencer Industry - TIME (08-05-2023),

Twijfels over uitvoerbaarheid nieuwe Franse regelgeving - Financiele Dagblad (5-06-2023)

Twitter’s Verification Fiasco May End in Court - WIRED (26-04-2023),

Lose some, win some - Business Insider (19-04-2023),

A YouTube stage mom faces abuse allegations from 11 teens in court case - NBC News (16-04-2023),

Featured by news outlets

Our expertise is often relied upon in mainstream media, in particular TV and (online) newspapers. Here's an overview of all the commentary our researchers gave on media stories.


Financieele Dagblad, 'Kinderen zijn clickmachines, maar worden amper beschermd', 25 July 2022 (in Dutch).

Frankrijk ziet aantal influencers toenemen en legt activiteiten aan banden - (12-12-2022);

The Depp v. Heard trial is just the beginning for live court cases turning into internet mass obsessions - Business Insider (11-05-2022);