Dr. Taylor Annabell

Postdoctoral researcher in media studies

Utrecht University

Haoyang Gui

PhD researcher in computational social science

Utrecht University

Thales Bertaglia

Postdoctoral researcher in computer science

Utrecht University

Dr. Sophie Bishop

Associate professor in media & communication

Leeds University

Dr. Catalina Goanta

Principal investigator | Associate professor in law and technology

Utrecht University

Dr. Bram Duivenvoorde

Associate professor in private law

Utrecht University


Visiting researchers

Anaya Jethani

Non-residential visiting researcher

June-August 2023

Anaya is a rising senior at Leonia High School in New Jersey and is enrolled in the Marketing and Business Leadership Academy program at her school. She is an active user of social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok and creates content for organizations and businesses. She is very excited to intern for the Human Ads Research Project this summer!

Małgorzata Krzemińska
Residential visiting researcher

September 2023

Małgorzata is a 5th-year law student at the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Lodz and studied at the University of Münster for a semester. She received a Student Research Grant (University of Lodz) to pursue research on unfair commercial practices and influencers, and delivered a connected presentation at the third National Conference on New Technologies Law in Lodz.

Affiliate researchers

_Laura Aade, PhD researcher, University of Luxembourg

_Margje Camps, lecturer, Utrecht University

_Janneke Gerards, Professor, Utrecht University

_Jacob van de Kerkhof, PhD researcher, Utrecht University

_Jerry Spanakis, Assistant professor, Maastricht University

_Sybe de Vries, Professor, Utrecht University

_Nikos Aletras, Professor, Sheffield University

_José van Dijck, Professor, Utrecht University

_Lilian Edwards, Professor, Newcastle University

_Christian Fieseler, Professor, Norwegian Business School

_Natali Helberger, Professor, University of Amsterdam

_Mathias Siems, Professor, European University Institute

Advisory board