resources for researchers

One of the biggest issues with research on influencers/content creators is that it has been developing in silos. Even though all disciplines would benefit from insights from other fields, this is often not done in practice for a plethora or reasons. This section brings together bibliographies from at least three different disciplines, namely media studies, law and computer science, to facilitate cross-disciplinary citations. It also collects datasets and other methodologically relevant insights that can stimulate multidisciplinary developments.

Media studies

Zoë Glatt is a fantastic researcher from LSE who has already compiled two considerable literature lists for creator industries and influencer cultures, as well as for the methodological aspects arising out of the digital ethnography of these cultures. Here's Zoë's personal website for more information about her research.


This reading list is maintained by Thijs Kelder, and it includes an overview of literature currently available on the Digital Services Act. As the HUMANads project focuses heavily on platform responsibility, the Digital Services Act is a fundamental piece of regulation for our research.